``Gods´´ Walkthrough

Thomas Chadzelek

Level 1

World 1.1

Inventory: 2 extra lives, no weapons

Minimal Solution: treasure key, shortcut, world key

Collect knife, consume food, and pull LEVER 1 twice. Climb up ladder and jump to next platform; a bird from the right brings knife.

Climb up and pull LEVER 4 to remove trap (consume small health), LEVER 3 for an iron chest , LEVER 4 again, and then LEVER 5 for a fire crystal .

Hidden Puzzle: Pull LEVER 7 within 2 mins. from game start to move BLOCK 2, then push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 for a fire crystal . (This enables the hidden puzzle in the next world.)

Go back, consume food, and pull LEVER 2 once to collect treasure key on the left.

Shortcut: Pull LEVER 2 again to move BLOCK 1, climb down, get fire crystal , and use TELEPORT A.

Pull LEVER 6 (with treasure key) to open treasure room, collect world key and small power potion. Pull LEVER 7 (with world key) to leave this world.

Inventory: 2 extra lives, 3 knives, weapon arc standard

World 1.2

Minimal Solution: trap door key, pot, room key, world key

Climb up ladder and jump left on platform; push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 to open a trap door in the treasure room. Go left under the platform (4 foes from left, 2 from right; go back right, shoot, and jump) to collect trap door key on the left.

Hidden Puzzle: If you go back to switch 1 a big jump potion appears, allowing you (later!) to get small health and gold mask on the right.

Jump right over top platforms (watch for birds; jump on starburst), push HIDDEN SWITCH 2 and pull LEVER 1 (with trap door key).

If you go back under the platforms, three foes bring invulnerability, a water crystal and a trap!

Leave through the trap door, collect weapon arc intense, push HIDDEN SWITCH 3, and collect pot and knife to the right. Fight down ladder and collect trap door key from the niche to the right. Pull LEVER 3 first, then LEVER 2 to use TELEPORT B and collect another pot; return with TELEPORT C.

Fight down ladder (climb down, go right: 4 foes from left, 1 strong foe from right; turn back, shoot, climb up and return later), pull LEVER 4 (with trap door key) to close trap door beneath and collect room key. Fall down to the right, pull LEVER 5, consume extra life and collect chest key for steel chest . Push HIDDEN SWITCH 4 to completely open the floor of the treasure room and pull LEVER 7 (with room key) to open the stores; there you collect a fire crystal as special bonus for the second pot and the world key. Return and leave this world to the right by pulling LEVER 9 (with world key).

Inventory: 4 extra lives, 3 knives, weapon arc intense

World 1.3

Shop: buy 3 throwing stars, weapon arc standard

Minimal Solution: shortcut, trap door key, trap door key, world key

Pull LEVER 2 once, collect big jump potion from the pit down right, and jump upwards.

Shortcut: Pull LEVER 1 (??? jumping on that platform triggers strong foes and traps) and wait for teleport to appear after 2 mins.

Collect trap door key on the top left, pull LEVER 3 (with trap door key) twice (to enable a shield at lever 4), and collect treasure key. Fall through trap door and go right, collect two fireballs.

Hidden Puzzle: To move BLOCK 1 get there with more than 2 lives, more than 80,000 points, and within 2:20 mins. from the start of this world. Then pull LEVER 6 to open hidden passage and consume extra life.

Pull LEVER 4 (with treasure key), collect invulnerability, and jump all the way down into the treasure room to consume small health. Return by ladder and pull LEVER 5 to open door.

Climb up the ladders to the towers and jump left over top platforms; collect trap door key and jump left on BLOCK 2 (don't fear) to collect treasure key and some bonus. Return right to the bridge, consume health, pull LEVER 7 (with trap door key) and fall down on invulnerability. Pull LEVER 8 and leave through door to collect world key.

Pulling LEVER 9 (with treasure key) opens treasure room, where you can collect lightning bolt (you don't really need it and get a gold chest in the boss room for not taking it). Back on the platform jump to the bridge and climb down the ladder. (You only need the teleport key to reach the treasure key in a simple way through the door at lever 5.) You receive a trap door key to pull LEVER 12 (with trap door key). Go down, pull LEVER 13 (with world key) to enter the boss room, kill the centurion and climb up the ladder to leave this world and level.

Boss Room Tactics: The centurion throws fireballs; you should stand where they bounce highest and keep that distance to the boss in order to avoid being hit.

Inventory: 5 extra lives, 3 throwing stars, 2 fireballs, weapon arc standard

Shop: buy magic axe, power potion

Level 2

World 2.1

Inventory: 5 extra lives, 3 throwing stars, 3 fireballs, 2 magic axes, weapon arc standard

Minimal Solution: ice gem, big jump potion, world key

Push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 once to open a trap door, collect weapon arc wide, and kill two foes in a niche to the left. If you have more than one life they will reveal a gold chest key; collecting it will trigger three traps but cause no real problem. From that niche fall down right and then left to land safely. Climb down the ladder and go right to trigger a thief; leave him alone to steal invulnerability, lure him back down with the gold key, and kill him. Collect the gold key and shield potion, climb up past the traps, and wait for shield to run out. Pull LEVER 1 once to reveal a treasure key and trigger a thief to steal it (stand right at the wall to not kill the thief!); get treasure key and leave through door. Collect gold bags , iron chest key, steel chest key, food, and invulnerability and fall down right.

The HIDDEN SWITCH 2 calls a thief in case you need one. Go left to open iron chest and climb up the ladder to collect ice gem; climb down (beware of the foe at the bottom). Go left and climb down the ladder to the next floor; go right and pull LEVER 2 to open gem room (snakes!). Here you have to deposit ice, water, and fire gem to reach world key. Pull LEVER 3 once to open door and two more times to get TELEPORT TO BONUS SECTION.

Make sure you have at least 60% energy before entering the bonus room (maybe visit treasure room first); there you are forced to collect weapon arc standard and fight against snakes. You can leave at three points, but only in the end you can consume large health, extra life, and big jump potion (allows to get world key with only one gem).

Go back and climb further down, there is a water crystal and weapon arc standard to consume and foes who bring water gem and fire gem. Down on the right pull LEVER 5 (with treasure key) to enter treasure room (enter only once); on the top right platform consume large health (watch for birds from left and bottom). Fall down from the left ledge--this costs a bit of energy--consume small health and collect gold chest key at the bottom along with steel chest . Leave to open gold chest and pull LEVER 4 (with world key) to leave this world.

Inventory: 7 extra lives, 3 throwing stars, 3 fireballs, 2 magic axes, weapon arc standard

World 2.2

Minimal Solution: room key, down pit 3 and up pit 4, world key

Fight down the ladder, don't collect weapon arc intense, jump on the ladders to go up right (concentrate on foes on top right platform--they shoot); collect gold chalice and pull LEVER 1 once to remove traps. Climb down and fall from the right ladder; climb further down into pit 1 to pull LEVER 2 and collect room key (bird from left). Climb up and right on the platform to consume large health; fall down into pit 2 (shooting foes). Again climb up and right, jump over pit 3 to find another large health (2 foes from right and 4 birds from left); collect teleport key at the top of pit 4.

Pull LEVER 6 to close the first trap door in pit 3, fall down, kill wall monster; continue with LEVER 7, LEVER 8, and LEVER 9 in the same way to reach the bottom (health bonus). Pull LEVER 10 (with room key) (foe from left), LEVER 11 (with teleport key), and LEVER 12 and leave through the teleport door (without weapon arc intense you could also fight your way up pit 4--pull LEVER 13 to close trap door). Climb down to jump on the ladder to the left, kill foe in niche to reveal TELEPORT STONE. Collect the steel chalice and pull LEVER 14 to open the ship room; there you deposit the chalices and collect world key.

Pull LEVER 15, consume invulnerability, leave, and quickly take teleport! You reach pit 2; quickly pull LEVER 5 and LEVER 4 and fall down through the right trap door--the shield avoids damage. Pull LEVER 17 to remove trap, collect iron chalice, pull LEVER 18 to open door and exit. Return via ladder, pits 2 and 3, and teleport door to the ship room and walk under the ship with all three chalices to reveal and collect treasure key. Exit and collect steel chest key for steel chest there. Pull LEVER 3 (with treasure key) to enter treasure room with two water crystals etc.

Pull LEVER 19 (with world key) and go left, consume weapon arc standard, fight snakes and pull LEVER 20 to leave this world.

Inventory: 8 extra lives, 3 throwing stars, 3 fireballs, 2 magic axes, weapon arc standard

Shop: you will soon find spears; buy what you like, maybe power potions

World 2.3

The Mosaic Puzzle

Collect piece of mosaic and pull LEVER 1; the foes reveal a trap door key, collect it and pull LEVER 1 again to move BLOCK 0. Collect door key, pull LEVER 3, LEVER 2, and LEVER 3 (with door key) to move BLOCK 1 and open the door.

Pull LEVER 5 to enter the armory (immediately kill the thief to the left), collect skulls but don't consume the two spears yet. Pull LEVER 7 to enter the crypt, pull LEVER 12 to collect door key and pull LEVER 13 (with door key). Deposit the skull down right to collect piece of mosaic and jar of herbs; LEVER 14 opens door. Pull LEVER 6 to enter the apothecary (carry 3 weapons because of snakes!) where the jar reveals another piece of mosaic; pull LEVER 10 to collect globe and then LEVER 28 above to open the door again. Pull LEVER 4 to enter the wizards study where the globe reveals a piece of mosaic. Now consume the spears in the armory, complete the mosaic, and use the TELEPORT STONE.

The Candle Puzzle

Minimal Solution: three trap door keys, candle, door key in study, world key

Fight your way left until the foes reveal a trap door key which you collect. (You can get a health bonus far left and kill some foes.) Pull LEVER 15 (with trap door key) to move BLOCK 2, jump and climb up to collect another trap door key and consume spear. Pull LEVER 17 (with 2nd trap door key) to move a block, fight down, jump right and pull LEVER 18 to close a trap door. Get out and go left; pull LEVER 19 twice to close trap door, jump up and also pull LEVER 20 and LEVER 21 twice (this allows access to the gold cross later). Collect trap door key on the left and candle on the top right (use moving BLOCK 3); get back down to pull LEVER 22 (with 3rd trap door key) to move BLOCK 4. Collect door key and pull LEVER 16 (with door key) to enter treasure room; consume food and extra life as well as some golds bags , but leave the weapon arc intense behind.

Climb down the ladder near block 4, jump over the trap on the left and collect gold cross. Jump back and make your way up over the moving blocks (birds from the right which leave food), climb down the ladder on the left. (The water crystal in the niche triggers two very strong foes!) Fall down and go left to fight foes from top right; climb further down to next floor and enter the study on the right. Collect door key and room key (because of candle). Pull LEVER 25 (with room key) and enter the chapel above; jump on the altar to trade cross for magical gem. Collect gem and candle and go left to collect treasure key and drop candle. Pull LEVER 23 (with treasure key) to enter treasure room and consume small power potion and small health.

Leave with LEVER 24 and go down left (from the study, climb the ladder only half way down and kill the snakes first--there will be 3 foes from top right); pull LEVER 26 (with door key) to enter the boss room. Kill the dragon to reveal the world key, later pull LEVER 27 (with world key) to summon the shopkeeper and then again to leave this world and level.

Boss Room Tactics: Drop the magical gem near the entrance, the dragon then breathes its fireballs at the gem. Stand between gem and dragon and duck under small fireballs thrown by the dragon's tail. You first kill the tail and then the whole beast.

Inventory: 9 extra lives, 3 spears, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc standard

Shop: sell spears for throwing star, buy weapon arc wide and maybe large shield

Level 3

World 3.1

Inventory: 9 extra lives, 1 throwing star, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc wide

Minimal Solution: shortcut, world key

Collect spear and climb down.

Shortcut: Go just beyond lever 1 and return to the start to collect a trap door key; later walk below BLOCK 2 to make it move (foe falls down). Go through the new passage (no foes!) to find two fire crystals , pull LEVER 23 to open teleport door, consume weapon arc wide, three maces, and collect treasure key. Pull LEVER 24 to leave through another teleport door. (You will receive small power potion in the final treasure room.)

Pull LEVER 1 for a starburst, jump onto the ladder and climb down; a foe on the left ledge reveals large health. (If you have strong weapons you might clear the bottom section first. Climb down, jump right, duck from shoots and kill foes on the left. Climb down and shoot through door, go left and kill easy foe first; go all the way left and turn around to kill two strong foes. Further down there are more strong monsters to kill.)

Climb up again and go right, the monster in the first pit reveals a time bomb which you should avoid (it replaces the magic axes and gets lost quickly), there is also a little bit of treasure hidden there. Pull LEVER 2 to move BLOCK 1, pull LEVER 3 to open the trap door and quickly leave this room (a trap appears at the bottom of the ladder!). Stand to the right of the ladder and keep shooting at the bees, your magic axes will eventually destroy the hive (help bonus large health if you are low on energy). Fall down through the trap door and pull LEVER 4 to open the passage. Pull LEVER 5 and enter to consume three maces and collect door key. (You should now walk through the shortcut.)

Make sure LEVER 7 was pulled to open a door and pull LEVER 8 (with door key). Enter and fight your way to the top left (mind the bats). Pull LEVER 12 to consume TELEPORT B, collect gold bowl, and return by pulling LEVER 14 and consuming TELEPORT D. (TELEPORT A leads to one or two bee hives--this is fairly easy. TELEPORT C leads to bats--this is very dangerous even with a wide weapon arc!)

Climb down to collect teleport key and pull LEVER 15 (with teleport key), enter to consume small power potion and collect treasure key. Go back via LEVER 16, jump right and pull LEVER  to open door; exit and climb down right. Pull LEVER 18 and go left to reveal room key, the door then opens on your approach. There are bats and strong foes inside as well as a water crystal . Collect attract potion and go right, lure thief with potion to collect teleport key. There is some hidden treasure, including a water crystal , behind a breakable wall. Pull LEVER 19 (with teleport key) (help bonus small health) to reach a treasure room and consume extra life and collect water crystal etc. Leave by pulling LEVER 20 (you can take the attract potion along on this way).

Pull LEVER 20 (with treasure key) to enter the final treasure room (wide weapon arc is enforced, enter slowly, duck from shoots, strong foes) and consume food, small health, and water crystals etc. (destroy the whole ceiling). Collect world key and pull LEVER 21 (with world key) to leave this world.

Inventory: 12 extra lives, 3 maces, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc wide

Shop: buy 3 axes

World 3.2

Inventory: 12 extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc wide

Minimal Solution: fire, water, and ice gem

You are forced to consume weapon arc standard, make your way up and consume fireball, fire crystal , and small health. Pull LEVER 1 for a starburst; a thief steals fire gem (maybe kill him quickly) and is caved in by BLOCK 1. Pull LEVER 2 to move platforms into place and climb up, a large health falls down on you.

Hidden Puzzle: If you reach the top with maximum energy you can collect trap door key which gives (another) access to the treasure room: Pull LEVER 10 (with trap door key) to make a block in the floor of the gem room move, fall down into the treasure room on invulnerability. (Climbing up the long ladder triggers strong shooting foes; kill them before pulling the lever, maybe using invulnerability.) LEVER 4 reveals a starburst, LEVER 3 and LEVER 5 remove the platform you are then standing on!

Pull LEVER 6 to enter, climb down the first ladder and pull LEVER 7 to enter teleport door (beware of hives). Pull LEVER 8 twice to open trap doors above and remove trap, collect fire gem and pull LEVER 9 to exit to the gem room and consume small health.

Pull LEVER 11 if you want to open the left door; pull LEVER 12 for the right door. Pull LEVER 10 (with trap door key) to make a block in the floor of the gem room move, fall down into the treasure room on invulnerability and collect gold chest key for gold chest , crystals etc.

Go right and climb down (maybe take alien attract potion with you, swap with gem, and pull LEVER 21 to open trap door), pull LEVER 19 twice to open the door and remove the trap, collect water gem; pull LEVER 20 to remove the block and climb up.

Pull LEVER 13 to enter a room, pull LEVER 14 to open the door again. Pull LEVER 16, pull LEVER 15 to move BLOCK 3, consume invulnerability, and pull LEVER 14 again to open the trap door (walk a bit right). Collect ice gem, push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 to the right and pull LEVER 17 to enter the treasure room again and collect gold chest key for gold chest , crystals etc. Pull LEVER 18 to return to gem room and leave this world.

Inventory: 12 extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc standard

World 3.3

Minimal Solution: flask, ceramic pot, trap door key, teleport key, world key

You are given weapon arc wide. First pull LEVER 1 twice to reveal wall monster and a water crystal (a trap appears there if you go right); LEVER 2 reveals another wall monster. Climb down to collect fireball, flask, and small health (brought by strong foe); climb up again and jump right (foes left, beware of bats). Climb up and jump over trap, quickly pull LEVER 5 (a trap appears there if you go to far) to reveal a BLOCK  which acts as a ceiling; press HIDDEN SWITCH 2 over the trap door. Pull LEVER 6 for a starburst and collect ceramic pot; the block is removed if you reach the right end of the platform.

Jump left, climb down, pull LEVER 11 to move BLOCK  and quickly go right to pull LEVER 4, consume extra life, and exit from under the platform (speed bonus, traps appear).

Pull LEVER 8 once to trade the flask and pot for a trap door key, pull LEVER 9 (with trap door key) to close the first trap door. Quickly make your way up and right, collecting teleport key, fire crystal , treasure key, and invulnerability (foe from above); fall down right. Pull LEVER 7 (with treasure key) to enter treasure room, push HIDDEN SWITCH 3 there for a massive treasure chest (which you can collect) with lots of fire crystals and gold masks ; pull LEVER 10 to exit.

Pull LEVER 8 (with teleport key) again to enter boss room and consume weapon arc standard. Kill the minotaur to collect world key and pull LEVER 12 (with world key) to exit, later pull LEVER 13 to leave this world and level.

Boss Room Tactics: Good tactics are unclear. Try standing just left of the fireballs the minotaur shoots. If he steps back in order to jump at you, flee to the left; he then turns you his back and you should chase him.

Inventory: 13 extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 magic axes, weapon arc standard

Shop: trade the 3 magic axes for 1 hunter, buy large power potion and extra life

Level 4--The Underworld

World 4.1

Inventory: 13 extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 hunters, weapon arc standard

Minimal Solution: door key, room key, trap door key (?), world key

Jump to LEVER 1 (strong foes from down left) and go on to the top platform in the middle (birds from left) and destroy breakable block on left to collect door key. Pull LEVER 2 (with door key) to open door and make a block move which knocks down a large health; pull LEVER 1 twice to close trapdoor and consume hunter. Exit, fall down into pit (BLOCK 1 will move to save you; special bonus: fire crystal ), consume hunter and pull LEVER 3 to exit.

Climb down, destroy breakable blocks, pull LEVER 4 to collect starburst on left. Climb up to collect room key and gold chest key (foes from both sides on left platform) and then all the way down. (The fire crystal in the niche is guarded by very strong foes, but a thief appears near lever 5!)

Pull LEVER 5 once to enter trap room, quickly pull LEVER 6 twice to save world key and close trap door; collect world and trap door key. Pull LEVER 7 (with trap door key) twice to reach fire crystal and LEVER 8 once; ignore the 3 time bombs on the left (useful to collect world key from behind trap; probably pull LEVER 8 (with trap door key) instead of LEVER 7), collect trap door key, and pull LEVER 9 once to exit. Pull LEVER 10 (with trap door key) to move BLOCK 2 and climb down (foes left and right, wall monster down right; fall down right from ladder!) to collect trap door key and open gold chest .

Climb up and destroy breakable blocks on the top left to consume hunter and large health; the trap door key moves BLOCK 3 as you climb further up. Jump on the two breakable blocks, destroy the top 3 on the left, then the top one right and left to consume large health and gold bag . Pull LEVER 11 (with world key) to leave this world.

Inventory: 14(?) extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 hunters, weapon arc standard

World 4.2

Shop: buy extra life, large shield, power potions--you cannot carry anything into world 3!!

Minimal Solution: gold bowl, pestle+mortar, door key, lamp, trap door key, world key

There is an optional weapon arc standard here. Climb up and jump on top platform, pulling the LEVER  moves a block (beware, walk left!); collect room key and consume small health and return. Pull LEVER 1 (with room key) once to enter bonus room full of treasure and breakable blocks (a wide weapon arc is of no use here!); there is fireball and mace top left, iron chest key and small health top right, several starbursts around, and the iron chest appears near the top door (if you consume a certain starburst?). Collect oil lamp in lower right corner and exit.

Pull LEVER 3 once, the door closes behind you; pull LEVER 4 to trade the oil lamp for a familiar. Jump and climb up the ladders right to the top to collect small health, treasure key, and gold bag . Pull LEVER 5 and use the teleport door back down.

Go right and climb down to collect gold bowl from a foe. Pull LEVER 7 and enter; jump up into second niche on the right and two foes from the left reveal alien attract potion behind a trap (potion is removed near lever 6). Pull LEVER 9 and LEVER 8 once to collect trap door key; pull LEVER 10 (with trap door key) to remove block and open door; consume gold mask , collect pestle+mortar and exit. (LEVER 8 without key calls for a thief who steals pestle+mortar for you and is attracted by potion; this is less dangerous).

Pull LEVER 6 once to enter, push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 (with treasure key) to consume fire crystal and enter treasure room with 3 fireballs, extra life, small health, and fire crystals . Going back up the stairs is dangerous, but flying Buddhas reveal a small health.

Pull LEVER 11 to move BLOCK 1 and immediately fall down (items on floor fall down, too). Fall (one-way) and climb down left and consume hunter near lever 12; proceed down and left to collect door key behind breakable blocks (wall monster). Pull LEVER 12 (with door key) to enter and collect lamp and open gold chest .

Pull LEVER 13 once with lamp, bowl, and pestle+mortar to collect trap door key to the left. This moves BLOCK 2; climb up into the alchemist's room to collect world key, pull LEVER 14 (with world key) to leave this world.

Inventory: 15(?) extra lives, 3 axes, 3 fireballs, 3 hunters, weapon arc standard

World 4.3

Minimal Solution: world key

Go right and collect spear from wall monster, climb up (foe reveals another spear) and be careful with the thief stealing the treasure key for you (climb down ladder--the thief wait at lever 1; then use your hunters!). Pull LEVER 1 twice (with spear) to move block and open door.

Enter, go right (wall monster) and down; pull LEVER 2 (strong foes, climb back) and LEVER 3 to exit (quickly shoot at wall monster to the right and then duck). Go up and left, pull LEVER 7 to open trap door, then LEVER 5 to knock trap door key into the pit. Fall down into the pit on invulnerability, collect key, and pull LEVER 9 to enter treasure room with gold chest key and gold chest . Pull LEVER 10 to enter cave, collect world key and climb up! Push HIDDEN SWITCH 1 (with trap door key) to move BLOCK 2, destroy breakable blocks and consume 5 spears and large power potion from down below.

(You may use LEVER 7 again to close the trap door. LEVER 5 then opens the trap door at the mace and the thief can reach it. LEVER 4 brings you back to the cave.)

Pull LEVER 8 (with world key) to enter the boss room and gain immortality by killing the skeleton (i.e. 9 extra lives and restart in level 1).

Boss Room Tactics: Stand in the entrance and duck from shots. If a worm comes out of the skull, quickly jump to the middle platform; the worm then flies by behind you. Quickly jump back to the entrance (i.e. fall down and jump right up; beware of rolling balls) and repeat process, shooting as often as possible.

Our hero has gained immortality!